Granite Worktops

Granite Worktops has been part of the British stone industry for a reasonable amount of time. Being based in London, we have a high demand for our granite worktops.

Why Use Granite?

Granite is one of the most beautiful and strongest natural stones. The beauty of the granite can be witnessed by the naked eye as you will be able to recognise grains in the stone which are large enough to be seen forming natural and beautiful patterns. Granite is form after the slow crystallisation of the magma which is present below the Earth’s surface.

How is Granite Incorporated?

Granite is very well appreciated for different types of constructions. You will find granite being used for buildings, paving, bridges and monuments. Granite worktop is a common site in houses where granite has been used in polished slabs and tiles to create luxurious countertops, tiles floors, stair treads and many other projects to add an element of design.

How We Manufacture Granite Worktops?

Our company makes sure that we receive the best quality granite stone directly from the mountainsides where it has been in the process of formation for millions of years. It is important to note that being an element of nature, granite might differ in colour and graining according to different geographical locations and composition of minerals. We develop the best granite worktops for our customers and it is one of the most requested projects from our company. The reason is that granite is capable of giving kitchens a structural integrity.

Stain Proof Granite Worktops

We use the best quality raw material and we make sure that our products created from this material will last a long time. Our granite worktops are coated with a granite stain shield which is an innovative stain protection technology. Through this technology, we ensure our customers about the long lasting quality of their granite kitchen worktop.

Our Service

We are very dedicated to make the entire experience a smooth one for our clients. We are very welcoming of our customers to visit us at our marble factory where they can witness how we work with maximum precision.

We keep open communication with our clients so that they can convey to us what they exactly want with their project. We get a lot of requests for the granite worktop and we take it as our responsibility to deliver with a consistent performance and quality each time.You can receive your granite worktop template and the installation process in only 7 to 8 days which is one of the best times of service providing you will get in this industry.

We also specialise in creating marble worktop and quartz worktop. Our solid stone worktop is one of the best in the market. You can also order worktops online while enjoying the option of bespoke stone worktop and bespoke granite worktop. Furthermore, you will receive the best granite worktop quote, marble worktop quote and quartz worktop quote by choosing our services.
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  • Raw Silk
    Raw Silk
  • Rosa Porrino
    Rosa Porrino
  • Rosa Sardo
    Rosa Sardo
  • Shivakashi
  • Rosso Marinace
    Rosso Marinace
  • Sapphire Brown
    Sapphire Brown
  • Star Galaxy
    Star Galaxy
  • Super Gray
    Super Gray
  • Tan Brown
    Tan Brown
  • Uba Tuba
    Uba Tuba
  • Verde Eucalyptus
    Verde Eucalyptus
  • Verde Fontaine
    Verde Fontaine
  • Verde Gloria
    Verde Gloria
  • Verde Marinace
    Verde Marinace
  • Vizag Blue
    Vizag Blue
  • Volga Blue
    Volga Blue
  • Cosmus
  • Giallo Veneziano
    Giallo Veneziano
  • Emerald Pearl
    Emerald Pearl
  • Forest Blue
    Forest Blue
  • Imperial White
    Imperial White
  • Golden Glory
    Golden Glory
  • Gran Violet
    Gran Violet
  • Juparana Colombo
    Juparana Colombo
  • Juparana Perla
    Juparana Perla
  • Kashmiri Gold
    Kashmiri Gold
  • Kashmiri White
    Kashmiri White
  • Mahogany
  • Mondariz
  • Multi Red
    Multi Red
  • Nero Absoluto
    Nero Absoluto
  • Nero Impala
    Nero Impala
  • New Venetian Gold
    New Venetian Gold
  • Angola Black
    Angola Black
  • African Red
    African Red
  • Angold Gold
    Angold Gold
  • Arabian Violet
    Arabian Violet
  • Azul Platino
    Azul Platino
  • Balmoral Red
    Balmoral Red
  • Baltic Brown
    Baltic Brown
  • Baltic Green
    Baltic Green
  • Black Pearl
    Black Pearl
  • Blue Butterfly
    Blue Butterfly
  • Blue Pearl
    Blue Pearl

About us

The British stone industry has its own standing in the international stone market. This particular industry in Britain consists of many quality stone finishing companies and we, Granite Worktops, are proud to be one of them.

Areas We Operate

We are delighted to offer our services anywhere in the UK but operate mostly in London, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Kent, Luton, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire.

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